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Brochure of TA Triumph-Adler 7006ci and 8006ci

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1. 7006ci MFP / 8006ci MFP A reliable partner that prints well under pressure. In this day and age, the demands on extensive colour printouts are increasing to ever higher levels. We’ve understood these requirements and developed two A3 multifunctional systems that meet these challenges effortlessly. Not only do these systems offer a print resolution of up to 1,200 dpi and a new toner for more brilliant colours and saturation; they are also unrivalled when it comes to user-friendliness, productivity, reliability and functionality. They can print, copy and scan at great speed while achieving an outstanding level of energy efficiency. Interested? Then why not get to know them? What you can expect: Colour at its finest: The new systems print at a high resolution of up to 1,200 dpi. This makes your photos and logos look even more professional – and that’s with the standard settings. But even this can be improved thanks to the versatile printer driver with its intuitive tools. The colour optimiser allows logos (among other things) to be adjusted to your corporate design. With the optional Fiery Controller, you can climb the heights of this Olympus of colour and print management – if you’re keen to reach the top. High speed: You don’t have to wait long, even when printing high- volume colour prints. The 8006ci, for example, can output up to 70 A4 or 35 A3 pages per minute in colour. And scanning – with a maximum of 220 image pages per minute for duplex, b/w templates – is now faster than ever before. This way, you gain important time for other things. Large print volume: With a total paper capacity of 7,650 sheets* from up to eight paper feeds*, these MFPs offer an impressive level of flexibility. For example, they allow you to process different types of paper in a single job. This means there’s nothing to prevent you from creating brilliant presentations, employee magazines or company brochures at great speed. The systems can also process A3 large format (305 x 457 mm), various paper weights of up to 300 g/m 2 and banner paper. Dispatch-ready brochures* or letters with tri-folding* are produced easily in a single operation. Both systems also offer new SoftSlide cassettes for quiet paper loading. Very adaptable: The touch display with a picture diagonal of 22.86 cm, the HyPAS interface, special Solution Packs* and other optional software solutions, make it easy to adapt the systems to your requirements. The systems also feature convenient job memory functions that allow you to call recurring jobs directly from the respective system’s memory. If required, these functions can be password-protected so that nothing ends up in the wrong hands. This password protection is also used for Follow-Me-Printing* – if the system you require is occupied, simply print on another system. 7006ci MFP / 8006ci MFP Digital multifunctional colour system Copy / Print / Scan / Fax A3 * optional

2. 7006ci MFP / 8006ci MFP Technical Data TA Triumph-Adler is the document business expert. We offer our clients individual analysis, consultancy and efficient document workflows – not only on paper, but also electronically and with long-term service. For whenever professional users manage, print, photocopy, fax, present or archive documents, or need to optimise processes, TA Triumph-Adler concepts and solutions are the first choice. Our customers benefit greatly from the user-optimised technologies offered by our innovative systems. TA Triumph-Adler and the TA Triumph-Adler logo are registered trademarks of TA Triumph-Adler GmbH. All other brand names are the registered trademarks of their respective owners. www.triumph-adler.com TA Triumph-Adler The Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ Logo is a certification mark of Wi-Fi Alliance ®. 12/2016 General Type Console Unit Function Copy, print, scan, optional: fax Print technology Laser colour and b/w Original format max A3 from platen glass Original feeder Document processor with simultaneous duplex scanning (A6R-A3, capacity: 270 sheet A4, paper weight 35-220 g/m² [A5R-A3]) Copy/print speed 7006ci: max 65 A4 pages/min and max 32 A3 pages/min in colour and max 70 A4 pages/ min and max 35 A3 pages/min in b/w, 8006ci: max 70 A4 pages/min and max 35 A3 pages/min in colour and max 80 A4 pages/ min and max 40 A3 pages/min in b/w 1st page (Copy/ Print) 7006ci: Colour: 6.2/6.3 seconds*, b/w: 5.4/5.3 seconds* (7006ci), 8006ci: Colour: 5.9/6.1 seconds*, b/w: 4.8/4.9 seconds* (8006ci) Warm-up time 44 seconds Copy resolution 600 x 600 dpi Greyscales 256 Paper feed 2 x 500 sheet universal cassettes (A5R-A3+ [max 305 x 457 mm]), 2 x 1,500 sheet large capacity cassette (A4), 150 sheet multi-bypass (A6R-A3+, Banner [305 x 1,219 mm]), A3+ only for printing Paper weights Universal cassette 60-256 g/m², multi- bypass 60-300 g/m², duplex 60-256 g/m² Paper output 250 sheet A4 (upper tray). 100 sheet (lower tray) with Copy tray type D System memory 4.5 GB RAM, 8 GB SSD, 320 GB HDD** Continuous copying 1-9,999 copies Zoom 25 %-400 % in steps of 1 % Functions Touch screen, duplex, 1,000 management codes, skip blank pages etc. Dimensions/Weight Dimensions 1,234 x 750 x 822 mm (H x W x D) Weight approx. 182 kg Environment Mains voltage 220/240 V, 50/60 Hz Power consumption approx. 2,400 W max, approx. 1,470 W in operation, approx. 130 W in stand-by mode, approx. 1 W in sleep mode, TEC value: 4.789/5.953 KWh/week (7006ci/8006ci) Environment Safety GS/TÜV, CE Print system Type Integrated within the system Print format A6R-A3+ Print resolution 1,200 x 1,200 dpi Processor Freescale QorIQ T1042 (Quad Core) 1.2 GHz Interfaces USB 2.0, 10/100/1000BaseTX, USB host Network protocols TCP/IP, Net BEUI Operating systems Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7/8/8.1/10, Server 2003/2008 R2/2012 R2, Novell NetWare***, Linux, Mac ex OS 10.5 Emulations PCL6 (5c, XL), KPDL 3 (PostScript 3 compatible), XPS, PDF, PRESCRIBE IIc Functions Colour Optimiser, USB direct printing, PDF/ XPS direct printing, printing of e-mails, private printing, barcode printing, Mobile Print (Android/iOS)/Apple AirPrint, Google Cloud Print Scan system Scan type CCD colour and b/w Scan format max A3 Scan speed max 120/220 (simplex/duplex) A4 originals/ min in colour and b/w (300 dpi) Scan resolution 200 dpi, 300 dpi, 400 dpi, 600 dpi Scan mode Photo, text, photo/text, suitable for OCR File types TIFF, JPEG, PDF, PDF/A, high compression PDF, encrypted PDF, XPS, Open XPS Interface 10/100/1000BaseTX Network protocol TCP/IP Operating systems Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7/8/8.1/10, Server 2003/2008 R2/2012 R2 Functions Scan to SMB, scan to e-mail, scan to FTP, scan to USB, TWAIN scan, WIA scan, SMTP authentication, LDAP Optional fax system 12 Compatibility Super G3 Original format max A3 Modem speed 33.6 kbps Transmission speed 3 seconds or less using JBIG Compression method JBIG, MMR, MR, MH Optional fax system 12 Fax resolution Standard (200 x 100 dpi), fine (200 x 200 dpi), super fine (200 x 400 dpi), ultra fine (400 x 400 dpi), 600 x 600 dpi Fax memory 170 MB Abbreviated dial 2,000 numbers One touch dial 1,000 numbers Group dial 500 numbers Operating systems Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7/8/8.1/10, Server 2003/2008 R2/2012 R2 Functions Network fax driver, automatic redialling, delayed transmission, max 2 fax kits for parallel transmission and reception Options Finisher DF-7110 (capacity: 4,000 sheet A4, stapling max 65 sheet A4), PH-7C hole punch unit for DF-7110, BF-730 brochure module for DF-7110 (max 16 sheet saddle stitching and folding A4/A3, tri-folding max 5 sheet A4), MT-730 (B) multi tray for DF-7110 Paper feed PF-730 (B) (2 x 500 sheet universal cassettes [A5R-A3+]), PF-740 (B) (2 x 1,500 sheet large capacity cassette [A4]), PF-7130 (500 sheet multi-purpose cassette [A5R-A3+], required if PF-730 (B)/PF-740 (B) is installed), PF-7120 (3,000 sheet large capacity tray [A4], side deck) Other options Data security kit (E), Internet fax kit (A), Card authentication kit (B), Keyboard holder 10, Banner guide (A), UG-33 ThinPrint® kit, UG-34 Emulation option kit, IB-50 Gigabit Ethernet card, IB-51 WLAN card, IB-35 WLAN card, Copy tray type D, NK-7100 Numeric Keyboard (10 keys), Fiery ® Control - ler (Printing System 16, depends on Printing System Interface Kit 15) *Depending on operating status. **For copy, print, scan, fax. ***optional Specifications subject to change without notice. Image shows machine with optional accessories. The 7006ci/8006ci are manufactured in accordance with the requirements of the Energy Star Program.


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