TA Triumph-Adler's top tips to prevent data theft from printers

Triumph-Adler Hungary

In the age of the mobile office, data security is becoming a competitive advantage. As a specialist in document management, TA Triumph-Adler supports industry, public authorities and healthcare institutions in the implementation of virtual and secure printing, scanning and copying solutions.Protection of confidential data is essential in today's world. Security software is a standard tool in banking, healthcare and public authorities. However, SMEs are also becoming increasingly aware of the importance of antivirus protection, firewalls and backup functions, particularly in light of recent revelations regarding international data and industrial espionage. Nevertheless, little is known about the dangers of data theft from multi-function systems. Many users aren't aware that data remains on the hard disks of modern digital devices when it is printed, scanned and copied. It can be retrieved by unauthorised persons and abused unless the necessary data protection measures are taken. Given the rapid development of app-based mobile print solutions, TA Triumph-Adler, the document management specialist, has some top tips forthe safe use of printer and copier systems. In modern offices, integrated solutions that cover the entire document processing workflow and support the mobilisation of office work are usually required. The age of the mobile office is here, and TA Triumph-Adler supports this development in the form of numerous solutions and software with security features. For example, a print app links mobile devices wirelessly with compatible printers and multi-function systems in a network with wireless LAN access. Documents, which are scanned in on a compatible multi-function device, can be saved to the smartphone and sent via e-mail. Similarly, documents on a mobile device can be scanned via the app and sent to an output system for printing.However, there are often security vulnerabilities if there is no protection installed on printers and multi-function devices. Using passwords to block access to functions for copying data and other system settings does not offer adequate security. Login data that is supposed to be reserved for technicians and administrators is in many cases found very easily on the Internet or in equipment manuals. Devices that are integrated in corporate networks can also be hacked due to the absence of IP filters and settings that are not secure. Companies and public authorities with freely accessible equipment located in hallways or in unsupervised rooms are exposing themselves to the threat of data theft. Unauthorised persons and quickly and easily copy important company documents without even being noticed.Christopher Rheidt, Vice President of TA Triumph-Adler GmbH, thus recommends that multi-function systems incorporate comprehensive security features. These can include the following measures:

    • To prevent the unauthorised reading of documents, which are normally stored on the hard disk during copying or scanning, they should be permanently overwritten rather than just deleted.
    • Access to systems can be controlled using special software programs. Only users who are authenticated using defined usernames and passwords, PINs or contactless card readers can print, scan or copy documents – all other users are denied access to the system
    • Blocking the 'Repeat Copy' function prevents the last copies created from being printed again
    • PDF encryption provides security for scanned documents
    • With TA systems, it is also possible to block the USB host
    • At network level, protection is provided by the IP filter, comprehensive authentication rules and changing of the default system password
    • Network devices can also be encrypted using SSL, which means that the data stream is encoded and sensitive information cannot be read
    • Encryption of the data on the hard disk with an optional Data Security Kit, which adheres to the international Common Criteria security standard ISO 15408 EAL3.